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Filet Mignon
No matter how you serve filet mignons, they're truly luxurious. In addition, they have flavor that is satisfying yet delicate, complemented by an unusually smooth texture, and are most unbelievably tender. Your choice of traditional or bacon wrapped.
Servings: 14 - 6oz
Price: $159.95Quantity:

Delmonico Beef Rib Eye
The Delmonico is a savory and possibly the most flavorful steak available. Perfect for the hearty steak eater, this choice cut is well marbled with a distinctive taste and texture. Naturally aged to perfection.
Servings: 10 -10oz
Price: $159.95Quantity:

New York Strip Steak
You'll savor the rich flavor of this boneless strip steak - truly steak at its best. This selection will give you a hearty steak with just enough marbling to stay juicy and tender until the last bite. Guaranteed to be delicious.
Servings: 10 -10oz
Price: $149.95Quantity:

Chopped Sirloin Steak
It looks like a hamburger but it eats like a steak. Trimmings from our steaks are chopped and formed into this very popular lean selection. Great for those special cookouts. Get 2- they won't last!
Servings: 14 - 6oz
Price: $69.95Quantity:

Prime Rib
Fully cooked USDA choice, thick, pre-sliced servings, hand trimmed to exacting specifications. Each slice is slowly roasted and basted in its own juices. Serve from rare to well done simply by following the included instructions, look for our whole Prime Rib Roasts for the holidays!! 20+ Servings
Servings: 8-11oz Servings
Price: $124.95Quantity:

Black Angus Beef Franks

Price: $54.95Quantity:

Steak & Lobster
In this history of fine dining no other combination has been as highly esteemed as steak and lobster. This sumptuous duet is one of our most popular gift selections. Regularly featured atop the menus of the best restaurants, no entrée is quite as indulgent.
Servings: 6 oz Filet Mignons and 4 of our 8 oz Rock Lobster tails.
Price: $128.95Quantity: